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2013-Nov-24 - ake Griffin had 27 and 1

A Summer of False



Break out the Hall of Fame ballot, Blake Griffin had 27 and 12 in last night summer league game. I

know that what you are thinking Clipper fan but hold your horses. Adam Morrison is averaging 22 and 5 and Robin Lopez had 24 and 16 in his first game. If that isn enough to crush your dreams, check out the leading summer league scorers from last year summer league (with their regular season averages in points and minutes in parentheses):

2009 Summer League


AllStar Adam Morrison

Great. Two of the four top scorers were traded and Alando Tucker that Alando Tucker the leading scorer of the bunch during the 20082009 regular season. Don get me wrong, 27 and 12 is nice (especially when compared with Greg Oden 9.5 and 3.5 in two games followed by microfracture surgery). But, when that performance is equal to that of Sideshow Bob Lopez it tends to put things in perspective. GreenbaumbergFarewell, Wally Pipp.

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2013-Nov-24 - ey don't block the passa

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2013-Nov-24 - n how Officialfalc

And a prize give Falcons Robert Alford Jersey away

Well 17 days seems to be realistic expectation to give my readers. Every 17 days I will post new pics and a marriage thought. Hope thats ok. Days are flying so fast. We are eating as much Vegitables, fruit and MEAT that we want, but we are laying aside dairy, bread, beans sugar. This is something I have never done. But she won me over with as much as I want. Smile. She wanted to do this challenge as a way Robert Alford Men's Jersey to begin eating better ( I have to admit that I do have a sugar adiction) and I knew that she was excited about this type of challenge, but I know from other health endeavers that if I am not excited about it it deflates her. where sweet Caleb is sitting on the ground. He's wearing his Thomas Train shirt. :o) It reminds me of him meditating on how Officialfalconsauthenticproshop great our God is. :o) I also love the one of Sarah and Caleb in the Strawberry when they were at the strawberry festivial. sp.? And. What I really love is the one that Sarah has on her blog where Caleb is on daddy's shoulders praising God with his joyous smile and arms in the air! I have to see this EVERYDAY now because I just love it!! I love you three to pieces ya know!! love, aunt norma

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2013-Nov-24 - ates, an estimated two

ADHD is a neurobehavioral disorder most common among the children falling under the age group of 611 years; the disorder usually manifests high and chronic level of inattention and hyperactivity. Usually at an early age, it is hard to differentiate normal child behavior from ADHD. But certainly there can be some things which may stand out. When compared to the chil . The ADHD sufferer typically has difficulty with poor attention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness, creating a challenging school and learning experience; however, more attention needs to be devoted to the effect Desmond Trufant Jersey ADHD sufferers deal with in social circumstances, beyond just the class room. All social situations . They go through developmental histories and complete checklists based on diagnostic criteria. A minor percentage may also use brain scans (called QEEG) to support a diagnosis. These tests are NOT diagnostic and their usage is somewhat questionable and controversial. Psychologists also go through developmental backgrounds and the diagnostic criteria and again some may Falcons Desmond Trufant Jerseydo QEEG. However, psychologists are able to do m . Obviously it's also to be expected that not all that advice is good advice, nevertheless some of it most likely is.

As an example, has anybody suggested that you try to find natural supplements for kids with adhd? Please, don't take these suggestions lightly. I know that nume . Not surprisingly however, you will find there's extremely genuine lack of awareness or comprehending for universities, and instructors meaning that kids Attention deficit disorder are dealt with badly. It is not unheard of to listen for teachers inquiring approaches in teaching a s . Now, w . The signs and symptoms typically appear before the age of seven, and are often difficult to distinguish between normal "kid behavior."

Here in the United States, an estimated two to four percent of school age children are currently diagnosed with ADHD with Officialfalconsauthenticproshop 50% of them on some form of prescription medic . Nevertheless, there are home remedies for ADHD which have proven their efficacy in diminishing the symptoms of the disease and in helping patients to cope with it and to overcome it easier. Caffeine seems to be one of the home remedies for ADHD which acts just like prescribed pills. It is cheap and it is worth to give it a try.

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2013-Nov-24 - ars, unlike the sta

Andrew Gross

Had the pleasure of an incredibly fun and unique Sunday evening. Dan McCabe, the CEO of Next Investments, hosted a meetandgreet with Olympic gold medal wrestler Henry Cejudo and Olympic bronze medalist Randi Miller at his Upper Saddle River home. There were well over 100 people including Californian philanthropist Dan Honig, who pledged $25,000 to Cejudo and an additional $5,000 to Miller a live band, children jumping in and out of the pool, bouncing on the bouncers and going down an inflatable slide.

Plenty of the youths enjoying the party were wrestlers which, to McCabe, was the crux of the evening. "I thought, what an incredible thing," McCabe said. "For the children to meet an Olympian. If that doesn't inspire you. Officialfalconsauthenticproshop He's only a couple of years older. Maybe I can do this."

OK, I'm no George Plimpton but I do enjoy swinging a baseball bat. So in conjunction with my story on Radial Bat, which appears in Wednesday's editions of The Record, here are some thoughts on actually swinging the bat.

If you haven't read the story, the set up is this: Ward Dill has designed a bat he claims is unbreakable, or at least impossible to shatter. That's because it's comprised of 12 wedges, either maple or ash, strengthening the bat because all the tight grain is on the outside. So while one of the wedges might chip, the bat won't shatter. If you buy a Radial Bat and it breaks within the first year, Dill will replace it. In fact, Dill has yet to break the first bat he constructed, which was about two years ago. He put on a demonstration today at Yogi Berra Stadium on the Montclair State campus, but I had a oneonone with Dill and his partner, former pro pitcher Tim Bausher, last week.

Way back in March when local sports editor Rob Tanenbaum told me he was looking for a project he wanted to pursue, I'll admit I had no idea what I was getting into. That said, being part of The Record's panel on realignment was one of the most satisfying things I've done in my career. The fourpart series that appeared in The Record between May 25June 6 was the result of six panel meetings and countless outofmeeting hours compiling and recompiling lists.

So there will be plenty to do Saturday at Toms River as five of the local teams advanced to the state finals. That's pretty good since there was only one team guaranteed to go since LyndhurstPark Ridge in the Group 1 semifinals represented the only local vs. local game.

Here are the scores:

Group 1 semifinal: Lyndhurst 4, Park Ridge 3

Group 2 semifinal: Mahwah 6, Hanover Park 5 (I was at this one, more below)

Group 3 semifinal: Old Tappan 17, Millburn 8

NonPublic, North A final: Don Bosco 3, Seton Hall Prep 2

NonPublic, North B final: St. Mary (Rutherford) Steven Jackson Men's Jersey 8, St. Mary (Jersey City) 3

As discussed in the press area today at Demarest, being a weatherman must be the most stressfree job in the world, since there's little to no accountability. That hail and thunderstorms predicted for today never showed up in Demarest (a good thing) and today's semifinals were played without a second's delay.

Don Bosco will face St. for the championship in the 50th annual Bergen County tournament. The Ironmen got a good game from Ramapo yet still won, 81, in seven innings. And after week(s) of trumpeting the St. JosephOld Tappan matchup as potentially the best this season in the area, it was a stinker, with St. Joseph winning, 111, in five, slow innings. Seriously, it took just about two and a half hours to play five innings. That's a pace not even the Yankees and Orioles can match.

The forecast looks ominous (hail is actually predicted during the afternoon storms) but, as of right now, the Bergen County Tournament semifinals at Demarest is still on. Don Bosco is slated to face Ramapo at noon with the muchanticipated Old TappanSt. Joseph game at 2:30.

However, this could all change Steven Jackson Women's Jersey in a heartbeat so check back to Varsity Aces for updates.

I did just get off the phone with Don Bosco coach Greg Butler and it appears, unlike the state tournaments, whatever is played today will count and games will be suspended if rain halts them in the middle, not replayed in its entirety.
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